Om Kundalini (Sanskrit Kundalini, कुण्डलिनी, Pronunciation (Help·info), “Coiled One”), In Yogic Theory, Is A Primal Energy, Or Shakti, Located At The Base Of The Spine. Different Spiritual Traditions Teach Methods Of “Awakening” Kundalini For The Purpose Of Reaching Spiritual Enlightenment.

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The Yoga Upanishads Describe Kundalini As Lying “Coiled” At The Base Of The Spine, Represented As Either A Goddess Or Sleeping Serpent Waiting To Be Awakened. In Modern Commentaries, Kundalini Has Been Called An Unconscious, Instinctive Or Libidinal Force, Or “Mother Energy Or Intelligence Of Complete Maturation”.Kundalini Awakening Is Said To Result In Deep Mantra Meditation, Enlightenment And Bliss.

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This Awakening Involves The Kundalini Physically Moving Up The Central Channel To Reach Within The Sahasrara Chakra At The Top Of The Head. Many Systems Of Yoga Focus On The Awakening Of Kundalini Through Mantra Meditation, And Chanting Of Mantras.Msg  To Join Learning Group .

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Kundalini Mantra Meditation
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